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"...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."


The Latest News and Updates_________________________________________________________

Sunday, Jan 25, 9am
Three gun match at DeSoto Gun Club.
The match will include use of a rifle & shot gun & pistol in one match. Targets will be at various distances from 5 yards to 50 yards. Targets will include steel, paper, bowling pins and other devious things.
Shot guns will need to hold at least 5 rounds but it will not be a significant advantage if the capacity is greater because the starting condition will be only 5 rounds loaded in the gun.
Rifles will require a mandatory reload, so drum mags or extra hi-cap mags (40-60) will not help. Small targets will be engaged at 50 yards, use sights accordingly!
Handguns may not have comps and/or optical sights. You may "run what you brung" ...but in the spirit of the match....NO race guns please. Next match and if enough participants show up,we may have an unlimited class.
The intent is for you to bring & wear all the equipment necessary to support your guns, ie mags for both rifle and pistol as well as shot gun shell holders. If you do not have this equipment we will accommodate you by allowing you to place loose shells on provided tables. Properly fitting hand gun holsters are required as some running/movement will be required...remember that a dropped or out of control gun is an automatic DQ.
If you are reluctant to enter the match because you do not a competitive rifle or shot gun...DO NOT let that stop you. We will have guns for you to borrow !
Please come and support this match. We are trying to get this started and we will make mistakes....but let's have fun and learn from our weaknesses so we can set-up the next match better. Many times in the past, games were started and fizzled out. If the club members want this match to it buy coming out and playing !  This match is new and we have the ability to change many things in the future so come out and play and present you wish list for future matches.
Desoto Airgunners
Schedule Update for 2012 and 2013
Hello Field Target Shooting Friends:
- Hope the Summer is treating you well. It's been seasonably hot and humid in Florida and not much better across many parts of the USA too. All this will pass and we'll be back to regular shooting in a few months. Updated Match Schedules will be posted on our website. For now the schedule is:
2012 Match Dates
October 14th
December 9th

2013 Match Dates
January 13 th
March 10th
May 12th
If any shooters wish to have a FT match on some alternative dates, send me an email and we'll try to accommodate your wishes. Also if anyone wants to have regular air gun practice secessions scheduled like we had a couple years ago ( Shooting every other Thursday AM at the club) let me know what works for you and we'll try to coordinate something that fits.
Don't forget, DeSoto Airgunners, like every other club, needs your participation and inputs to thrive.
Stay Cool
Ron Z.


Here are some pictures from the 2011 Annual 

     Membership Meeting. Thanks Ron Zeman!

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Check Out Some Of The DGC Fun!

             The Desoto Airgunners

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Update 5-16-11               

To all Desoto Gun Club, Inc. members:

To all my friends & D.G.C. members,


     This past board meeting ( May 15th, 2011 ) I had the unfortunate pleasure to read a letter to the D.G.C. board of directors that was delivered to me, personally, via FedEx this past week. The letter was from a law firm based in Tampa, Florida, and the attorneys of that firm represent the owners of the power lines that are located directly behind D.G.C. property.


     The basis of this letter was to put D.G.C. "on notice" that should damage occur to the utility pole and or power transmission lines there will be consequences to endure. The owners of the power plant and transmission lines have invested millions of dollars to install new transmission lines & utility poles to "pump more power". The very last thing they want is an interruption to such.


     When this work started back in 2010, there was very real proof that the utility pole as well as the old lines had been shot. The owners absorbed the repair expenses to utilize the old lines to pull the new lines through, thus repairs were required to assure the old lines would not snap apart at damaged locations. The long and short of this is quite simple,,,,,,Desoto Gun Club, Inc, name has mud on it now. Unfortunately there are idiots out there who can't resist the temptation to see if they can destroy something with a bullet. Our reputation is at stake here folks, and we simply must follow a straight & narrow path to safety at all cost.


     What does this mean to the general membership? It's quite simple. At ANY time, ANY person observed shooting at the utility pole and or power transmission lines will have membership privileges revoked ON THE SPOT. Any member caught "skipping shots off the ground" due to improper target placement, or improper firearms handling will be held fully liable as well. Once that shot "skips off the ground", it becomes airborne and is on an uncontrollable path of it's own. ANY member caught shooting at the wood fences along berm tops will have their membership privileges revoked immediately as well. As an offender,  you will be turned over to the authorities and held personably liable for any costs & damages involved.


These power lines & utility poles fall under jurisdiction of the following:


National Bulk Power Grid

Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, Inc.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Homeland Security Act


     These power lines will be actively monitored for damages. This already took place on April 25th, 2011, and the data collected was clear, meaning no damages to that point in time. We now have in place at D.G.C. the new controlled access gate. This system will collect data of entry numbers, and starting June 20th, 2011 every member will use their own personal number to access club property to use the ranges. Please understand this is not meant as a threat, but this data collection will provide us, and authorities accurate records as to who was inside club property when. Should any damage to power lines occur, this data will be used to the fullest extent of the law.


     Desoto Gun Club, Inc. does not cherish this liability. We do not look forward to being a part of ANY damage claims & law suits in any form. Given the circumstances that lay before us, we MUST seize every opportunity to do our best at all times to assure the continued existence of the club.The Desoto Gun Club, Inc. board of directors and club officials are committed to the continued safety of all club members. Those of you who may have been a member for a few years are quite aware that D.G.C. has undergone many changes for the better over the past 3 years. We hope to see this trend continue in the name of safety.




                                                                                                                                  Ronald Holsing

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Desoto Gun Club, Inc.


     We are still experiencing a very high number of people shooting at targets that are too low. This is causing shots to ricochet off of the ground and leave club property. Again, I would like to remind each of you that the Peace River winds around behind club property. That will lead to people in kayaks, canoes, boats, airboats, etc. A stray bullet landing in the water beside them will NOT be a good thing.
     Over the past few months I have had members make attempts to offer me all kinds of excuses  as to just why they are "shooting the ground". Such attempts  will fall on deaf ears, on the club's part. We as a club, have told all members over and over that your shots MUST impact the REAR berm. This fact was discussed at length during EVERY range safety orientation I conducted. I asked every group of people involved with the range safety orientation if they understood this. I watched as many people indicated by a head shake that "yes I do understand". We also have signs about club property reminding everyone that ALL shots must impact the REAR berms. These facts lead me to wonder WHY members are still "shooting the ground"?
     How can you avoid this? It is very easy! BEFORE you shoot even one shot, take your ( EMPTY & SAFE ) firearm that you intend to use and sight down the sights / barrel. Does that front sight point at the ground? If so, chances are you will HIT the ground. At that point you must raise the height of the target by whatever means will be required to do this safely. For those of you who shoot with another person, be it family member, spouse, or friend. Have them watch as you shoot a few shots. If chunks of grass are flying up in the air for "some unknown reason", it's NOT mad Gophers!  It will be a safe assumption that your bullets are hitting the ground INSTEAD of the rear berm.
     Please realize that if during your shooting day you change positions, IE: (sitting to standing), this may require an adjustment to your target height. Those of you using the metal frames from real estate signs, etc. can use that short height ONLY at the rear berm.
     Desoto Gun Club Inc. has been in operation safely for many years. We have a great asset in the club and the use thereof. Those of us who care, are not going to stand idly by and let others carelessly blast away, leading to the very real possibility of the club being closed permanently. If you are caught "shooting the ground", please realize it will lead to strong consideration as to the status of your membership & the possibility of not being permitted to renew, or termination of membership privileges.
     In closing I am asking for help with this matter from each & every member. If during your shooting day you witness another "shooting the ground", please bring it to their attention in a polite manner. This is the responsibility of every member.
                                                                                                                                       Stay safe,
                                                                                                                                       Ron Holsing
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer,
Desoto Gun Club Inc.

  Desoto Gun Club would like to remind all club members that you are responsible for the following items when you shoot:

#1 Target stands & sticks ( generally 60 to 72 inches works fine for handguns ), we as a club have provided some steel target stands and they have become badly shot up and some are close to being useless. It is unfortunate that a few members have misused club property in such a manner. Please DO NOT USE STOOLS & BENCHES as weights to support target stands on windy days. Members leave stools out on the ranges and the next guy staples his target right to the stool. Again, you are responsible for everything you need, including sand bags, etc. to be used as weights. 
#2 Cardboard for your targets & targets. We are very fortunate to have one dedicated member who brings cardboard for the club to use. This often blows in the wind and can become wet, rendering it useless. Again, please have your own,,,,it may not always be there.
#3 Staple guns & staples. Recently a member had cardboard, sticks, etc. but no staple gun. He attempted to shoot his target off of the ground. These actions will NOT be tolerated.
#4 Eye & ear protection for everyone on the firing lines. NO EXCEPTIONS!
On a final note Desoto Gun Club wants to remind everyone that you should leave the range cleaner than you found it. This includes those pesky steel cases everyone want to leave because they can't be reloaded. PICK THEM UP!

Welcome to the DeSoto Gun Club Web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our club and facilities. 

DeSoto Gun Club’s mission is to provide our members a safe and pleasurable shooting environment. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide our members with proper resources to achieve the highest level of safety and enjoyment. 

At this site, you will discover all about our facility and activities, as well as information about membership,range rules and regulations,range safety information and "Proper Target Placement"


The shotgun range and the 200 yard range will be closed during the silhouette matches, which take place on the 4th Saturday of each month, and the 4th Sunday of each month.Also  that ranges will be closed during the 1st Sunday for the shotgun match, and one of the 50 yard ranges and the bowling pin ranges will be closed during the 2nd Sunday which is cowboy match.


The shotgun range, and the 200 yard range will be closed during the  match days for Desoto Airgunners until matches are over,,,,,,PLEASE






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