Action Pistol Stock     Action Revolver Scores Place
Master Class Scores Place Mark Thomas 2.227 1st
Mike Iwanowski 4.882 1st Terry Mourer 1.967 2nd
Terry Mourer 3.803 2nd Roger Watson 1.678 3rd
Mark Thomas 3.728 3rd Colton Watson 0.152 4th
Thomas Kunkle 3.276 4th      
Piper Iwanowski 3.26 5th Action Pistol Unlimited Scores Place
      Mike Iwanowski 7.142 1st
A Class Scores Place Thomas Kunkle 4.533 2nd
Walter Presley 2.984 1st Piper Iwanowski 4.101 3rd
      Sox Youngblood 3.046 4th
C Class Scores Place Gene Temel 2.886 5th
Paul Scionti 3.331 1st Terry Mourer 2.586 6th
Bob Holland 2.931 2nd Mike Cioppa 2.322 7th
Chuck Vaughn 2.671 3rd Thor Sveinsvoll 0.967 8th
Nic Thomas 2.573 4th      
Christian Gunter 2.372 5th      
Colton Watson 2.264 6th Action Rifle Scores Place
Roger Watson 2.258 7th Mike Iwanowski 9.214 1st
Gary Zych 1.974 8th Nik Thomas 6.504 2nd
Sam Thomas 1.276 9th Sox Youngblood 5.837 3rd
      Roger Watson 5.619 4th
Concealed Carry       Walter Presley 5.524 5th
3 1/2 inch and less Score Place Terry Mourer 4.887 6th
Terry Mourer 2.397 1st Gene Temel 4.455 7th
Paul Scionti 2.167 2nd Colton Watson 4.179 8th
Gene Temel 1.442 3rd Christian Gunter 4.126 9th
Bob Holland 1.344 4th Gary Zych 3.991 10th
Bill Shade 1.196 5th Thor Sveinsvoll 3.186 11th
Sox Youngblood 1.152 6th Sam Thomas 3.101 12th
      Chuck Vaughn 2.987 13th
Concealed Carry            
Over 3 3/4 inch Score Place Action Shotgun Auto Scores Place
Terry Mourer 2.866 1st Mike Iwanowski 2.271 1st
Paul Scionti 2.447 2nd Terry Mourer 2.153 2nd
Sox Youngblood 2.374 3rd Thomas Kunkle 2.14 5th
Bob Holland 2.304 4th Walter Presley 1.879 6th
 Gene Temel 1.923 5th Sox Youngblood 1.858 3rd
Gary Zych 1.791 6th Colton Watson 1.176 4th
Bill Shade 1.048 7th      
Thor Sveinsvoll 0.742 8th      
      Action Shotgun Pump Scores Place
      Roger Watson 1.852 1st
      Terry Mourer 1.473 2nd
Sporting Clays     Tater Hilll Gunfighters    
Match Winner Score        
Dirk Kruzan 91   Match Winner Score  
      Charlie Concho 1.7761  
A Class Score Place      
Lenny Lemoane 87 1st Men's 49r Score Place
    2nd Arcadia Ranger 182.15 1st
    3rd Nocatee Buck 217.20 2nd
B Class Score Place      
Jean Blanchard 75 1st Elder Statesman Score Place
    2nd Charlie Concho 177.61 1st
    3rd Shifty Floyd 203.31 2nd
C Class Score Place Senoir Score Place
    1st Pistolero 468.27 1st
These were the only scores submitted          
3 Gun Tactical Score Place      
Nic Thomas 2.465 1st      
Terry Mourer 2.228 2nd      
Paul Scionti 1.672 3rd Wild Bunch Score Place
Samantha Thomas 1.639 4th Shifty Floyd 139.48 1st
Sox Youngblood 1.599 5th Terry Mourer 154.15 2nd
Bob Holland 1.52 6th Nocatee Buck 210.01 3rd
Mike Cioppa 1.32 7th      
Colton Watson 1.074 8th